Volunteer Engagement Officer

Joanne Chisnall

(441) 293-2727 ext 2130

Volunteer Application



Volunteer Application

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Skills and General Interests
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Computer Skills
Graphic Arts
Scuba Qualications
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At least 14 years of age
At least 18 years of age
Can lift 50 lbs.
Confortable handling raw fish/meat
Enjoy meeting new people
Enjoy working with children
Good attention to detail
Prefer fast-paced, high-energy environment
Prefer hands-on/physical work
Prefer office work
Prefer working outdoors
Strong communication skills
Strong customer service stills
Medical Information
Emergency Contact Information
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Crimial Background

You may be subject to a police check if working directly with children.

Specific Areas of Volunteer Interest
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Sunday Morning
Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Evening
Monday Morning
Monday Afternoon
Monday Evening
Tuesday Morning
Tuesday Afternoon
Tuesday Evening
Wednesday Morning
Wednesday Afternoon
Wednesday Evening
Thursday Morning
Thursday Afternoon
Thursday Evening
Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Evening
Select all that apply:
BAMZ Ambassador
North Rock Diving
Discovery Room
Turtle Scrubbing
Story Telling
Raffle Sales
Special Events

VOLUNTEER DISCLAIMER: By my initials below, I certify that all answers given by me are true, accurate and complete. I understand that the falsification, misrepresentation or omission of fact on this application will be cause for denial or immediate termination of volunteer position regardless of how discovered. I also agree to immediately notify the Bermuda Zoological Society if I shold be convicted of a crime involving dishonesty, breach of trust, controlled substance, sexual misconduct, abuse or violence while my application is pending or during my period of volunteer service. It is policy of the Bermuda Zoological Society to afford equal opportunity to all volunteers and applicants regardless of race, creed, colour, national origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation or disability. I understand that I will not be paid for my services as a volunteer, and that filling out an application for the programme does not guarantee acceptance into a volunteer position. As a volunteer, I am aware of all risks attendant upon activites that I undertake and I agree that BAMZ/BZS has no responsibilities for loss damage or injury sustained in the course of acting as a volunteer.

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