Aqua Camp Teacher Application

Complete an online application for summer Aqua Camp teachers.

Aqua Camps are held over a 7-week period each summer during July and August.  The day camps are designed for children in their last year of pre-school, Primary 1 through Primary 6, and Middle School M1-M2.  In addition, there is a 5-day residential camp (Aqua Conservationists) on Trunk Island for M3-S1 students.

Aqua camps are week-long full-day (8:00am-3:20pm) learning camps that give children the opportunity to have positive experiences learning about nature. They offer hands-on education, field trips, arts and crafts, and Zoo/Aquarium visits. Camps use a two-year curriculum, taking children through a series of life science and Bermuda natural history topics. Each week includes visits to beaches or national parks, where children can explore, swim and snorkel under supervision.


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