Aqua Camp Assistant Application

Complete an online application for summer Aqua Camp assistant teachers.

Aqua Camps are held over a 7-week period each summer during July and August.  The day camps are designed for children in their last year of pre-school, Primary 1 through Primary 6, and Middle School M1-M2.  In addition, there is a 5-day residential camp (Aqua Conservationists) on Trunk Island for M3-S1 students.

Aqua camps are week-long full-day (8:00am-3:20pm) learning camps that give children the opportunity to have positive experiences learning about nature. They offer hands-on education, field trips, arts and crafts, and Zoo/Aquarium visits. Camps use a two-year curriculum, taking children through a series of life science and Bermuda natural history topics. Each week includes visits to beaches or national parks, where children can explore, swim and snorkel under supervision. There are also part-time positions as swim assistants for capable snorkellers and after camp assistants.


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