Trunk Island Conservation

Native plant life has been reintroduced to the island through three initiatives: traditional conservation planting, mangroves and micro forests. The latter two in particular, we want to share more about with you.

Close to the Living Classroom, two mangrove habitats have been cultivated, creating a walk-through experience for visitors. Coastal Red and Black Mangroves provide unique ecosystems for a number of living things, including juvenile reef fish, and provide a fertile feeding ground during high tide for marine life. They are also helping to shore up the coastline against the threat of erosion. Mangroves are one of the more broadly affected ecosystems impacted by global warming, with an estimated global loss of two per cent each year. This is critical, not only as a loss of habitat, but because it is one of the key ecosystems to capture blue carbon, helping to remove carbon from the atmosphere – one of the key contributors towards global warming.

Thanks to a new initiative Bermuda is home to a number of micro forests. These are tiny, dense and diverse jungles which aim to increase biodiversity, sequester carbon (keeping it out of the air and helping to minimise effects climate change), provide shade and improve air and water quality. While there are a number of these now established in Bermuda, Trunk Island remains one of the largest of them all, with 85 different species of native and endemic trees present.

These efforts would not be possible without our incredibly dedicated volunteers and those individuals and teams who donate their time. Whether you’re looking to help with gardening, DIY, cleaning or painting, there’s something that you can help with.

BZS is pleased to offer organised Corporate Days of Giving for teams and businesses, creating to perfect opportunity to bond and give back while enjoying a fresh air respite from the office.

For those looking to contribute in their down time, to give back to the community and make friends along the way, why not join our team of Weekend Warriors? Whichever you choose, you’re sure to feel satisfaction from a good day of hard work in beautiful surroundings. The boat trip to and from the island will also provide a wonderful opportunity to sightsee.

If you would like to volunteer your time or arrange for a corporate volunteer day, there is always something that needs doing and we would be extremely grateful for the help. Contact the BZS Volunteer Office by emailing or by calling (441) 293 2727 (ext .2130).