Spittal Pond

Duration: 30-90 minutes
Ages: P1+

Spittal Pond is the largest natural area in Bermuda and covers 60 acres, including the coastal upland habitat. Bermuda’s three endemic trees, Bermuda Palmetto, Bermuda Olivewood and Bermuda Cedar are easy to view at the start of the field trip. Spittal Pond is an important bird sanctuary, especially to migrating birds, as it provides them with food, water and shelter. The pond is a harsh environment to which a few organisms have adapted, including the American eel.

Potential topics for discussion include:

  • Habitats
  • Endemic and Native Plants and Animals
  • Food Web
  • Ecology
  • History of Portuguese Rock and Geoffrey's Hole
  • Geology and Erosion (eg. Checkerboard)
  • Creation and Restoration of Habitats
  • Dairy Farming, plus concerns over pollution
  • American Eel
  • Birds: Migrating and Native
  • Salt Marsh and Black Mangroves
  • Rocky Intertidal Zone

Please click here to download the Bermuda's Wetlands field guide.