Paget Marsh

Duration: 60-90 minutes (excluding transportation)
Ages: P1+

Although Paget Marsh is a small area, it encompasses four habitats: ponds, mangroves, sawgrass and a cedar-palmetto forest dating back hundreds of years and representing the landscape first settlers would have experienced. It has come a long way from its history of being used as a community dumpsite. The effects of introduced and invasive species are highlighted at this site. Notably, it has an interesting boardwalk into the marsh with interpretive signage along the way about flora and fauna.

Potential topics for discussion include:

  • Native and Endemic vs Introduced Plants and Animals
  • Plant Identifications
  • Habitats (saw grass, palmetto cedar forest, mangroves, open pond)
  • Introduction to Habitat Degradation and Restoration

Please click here to download the Bermuda's Wetlands field guide.