Hungry Bay

Duration: 60-90 minutes (excluding transportation)
Ages: Senior

Students hike in through a private property (special permission needs to be granted in advance) to visit Bermuda's largest remaining mangrove. A quick lesson in Poison Ivy identification is given as we walk under the thick canopy of red and black mangroves. Hungry Bay is home to two uncommon and endangered marine species, the Land Hermit Crab and the Giant Land Crab. The West Indian Top Shells that provide Land Hermit Crabs with their home are seen at this South Shore tideline.

Suggested topics include:

  • Mangroves, including the importance of fish nurseries.
  • Rocky Shore and Rocky Intertidal
  • Sea Level Rise and Hurricanes
  • Plant and Animal Identifications and Adaptations
  • Food Webs

Please click here to download the Bermuda's Wetlands field guide.