Cooper's Island

Duration: 60-90 minutes (excluding transportation)
Ages: P1+

Take your students on an adventure hike full of Bermuda's history and natural history. Green turtles forage in the shallow water off of Clearwater and Turtle Beach during the warmer months. This is the site where the only two records of the nesting native Loggerhead turtle have been found since the colonisation of Bermuda. Endemic Bermuda Killifish can be viewed standing on the walkway above the pond.

Suggested topics for discussion include:

  • Habitats: Salt Marsh, Upland Forest, Sandy Coast, Rocky Coast
  • Animals: Endemic killifish, West Indian Topshell, Sea turtles, Longtails, Portuguese Man-O-War, Feral chickens
  • Plant Identifications: Introduced species versus native and endemic species
  • Habitat Restoration and Conservation
  • Longtail Igloos
  • Kindley Field History Including NASA
  • Cahow and Nonsuch Island
  • Man's Impact: Pollution