Schools and Groups

Field trips and experiential learning activities greatly enhance student learning. Give your students every opportunity for subject mastery by incorporating BZS Education Classes in your lesson plans. BZS provides interactive, hands-on science classes for more than 8,000 children and young people every year with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable BZS educators. Each class is created especially with the Cambridge Curriculum in mind, making your job that much easier. Plus, students simply adore our classes, some of which include fantastic animal encounters and other hands-on-learning activities - and that makes you a star! And thanks to the generosity of BZS donors, all our school programmes are absolutely free of charge for everyone.

Classes must be booked at least two weeks in advance. They can also be customised, but this requires a minimum of three weeks’ notice. We are also able to bring our classes to your school upon request. Consider pairing your classroom experience with an adventurous field trip experience around Bermuda. Free transportation on our bus or boat is available for booked classes or field trips.

"This was an excellent learning experience for the students. The hands-on work at the Aquarium and at Spittal Pond were well planned and effective."

Teacher feedback on the P6 Habitats and Adaptations Class

"The entire lesson made a significant impact. The students worked most efficiently with their group observing the color changes after adding the pH indicator. They were totally fascinated!"

Teacher feedback on the pH and Ocean Acidification lab