Bermuda Natural History Course

The Bermuda Natural History Course is a unique opportunity that really opens your eyes to the natural space around you. This non-specialist course is comprised of evening lectures teamed with week-end field trips around the island including a trip aboard RV Endurance. We will take you on adventures you never imagined.

The course is now divided into two week modules to make it easier for people, particularly teachers, to attend who cannot make a five-week commitment. There are two or three modules in the fall and three in the spring.  The topics trace Bermuda’s natural history from its formation as an ocean seamount, through its colonization, to the present day, charting the changes that have occurred and their effect on the flora and fauna. Local conservation efforts are also highlighted with presentations made by the experts doing the work. Hear updates on the latest initiatives and the see the work that is being undertaken to safeguard some of the islands rarest and most threatened species.

The course is designed to support teachers by reflecting relevant aspects of the Cambridge Curriculum and professional development hours are given to teachers after they have completed a course module. Certificates are also available upon completion of a module. 

There is a fee for each module of the Bermuda Natural History Course. Module fees may vary depending on whether field trips on-board the RV Endurance are involved.