Trunk Island Education

The Cottage on Trunk Island serves as the educational hub for the Living Classroom but make no mistake: the true learning is happening out in the open air! Providing more than 1500 learning experiences each year, hearing about local ecology and biology before experiencing it first-hand. Here they can learn about how to identify distinct species of animal life, how to estimate population densities, use quadrats and so much more.

While we relish the opportunity to share nature experiences with students of all ages, most of their education rests in the hands of their teachers. More than ever, they need more support to encourage and inspire their students to be a part of the generation that might be able to correct humanity’s course.

That’s why we make it a priority to offer workshops to educators. These hands-on sessions can last between a half day to two days and offer a constructivist approach to learning and teaching. This is the perfect space for teachers to take on board local