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BAMZ Releases Ten Rehabilitated Longtails


Since July, the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo [BAMZ] has had 15 longtails brought in for rehabilitation, thanks to calls from the public, including three adults and 12 chicks. To date, 10 have already been released, and one will be released soon.


“Most were found out on the water or washed up on beaches with broken or damaged wings, or in emaciated conditions”, a spokesperson said.

“Chicks are found more often than adults, because, unlike other kinds of birds, they are unable to ‘practice’ flying before their first trek out of the nest, leaving chicks that are not ready to fly yet at risk of falling to the water below.

“In Bermuda, Longtails are most affected by habitat destruction, usually through storm erosion”.

If you find an injured Longtail, contact BAMZ by calling 293-2727 and either bring the injured bird in, or the bird can then be collected by staff. Outside of BAMZ hours, you can contact Patrick Talbot, BAMZ Aquarium and Zoo Curator, on 734-1063.

[Photo courtesy of BAMZ]