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Column: Sea Turtles Nesting Here & Abroad
Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The summer months are typically nesting season for sea turtles in our region. With Bermuda’s nesting sea turtles extirpated by the late 1800’s, the idea of sea turtles nesting on our shores again causes great excitement.

‘Adventure At The Aquarium’ Tomorrow
Sunday, July 29, 2018

A free event titled ‘Bermuda Adventure @ The Aquarium’ is set to be held tomorrow [July 30] from 6.00pm to 8.00pm, with attendees able to “learn a little about our ocean, our heritage, and ourselves, and have a bit of fun.”

Learn your heritage at family event
Friday, July 27, 2018

Community groups have arranged a family-friendly event to launch Cup Match week.

KPMG Staff Members Help ‘Make A Difference’
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

On Friday, June 22nd, KPMG in Bermuda closed its doors for half a day enabling over 120 staff members to participate in the firm’s annual Make a Difference Day [MaDD].

Educational treat at Trunk Island
Thursday, June 14, 2018

Warwick Academy’s Eco Club students Luke Foster, Grace Flannery, Katya Williamson, Jibril Taylor, Isabel Hughes, Roxy Crockwell-Laurent and Rip Crockwell-Laurent), enjoyed a joyful and enlightening trip to Trunk Island, Harrington Sound. 


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Choy goes to “Raw” at the Florida Aquarium
Bermuda Zoological Society
Friday, June 01, 2018

Excerpt WILD News June 2018.

Sea otters takes "selfie" with Choy Aming, BAMZ Aquarist

Last month BAMZ Aquarist, Choy Aming, was able to attend the Regional Aquatics Workshop - RAW - at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, thanks to the funding from the Bermuda Zoological Society. The workshop took place from 14th-18th May, and according to Choy it was an intensive 5 days.

On the Monday, the attendees of the workshop were given an option to partake in an interactive animal welfare workshop, as the lectures did not start until the Tuesday. As the Florida Aquarium is a much bigger facility than BAMZ, they are able to have staff members that are specifically tasked with animal training, while other husbandry staff are tasked with the care of the animals and their enclosures. As a result, the animals at the facility are excellently trained.



Some of the trained behaviours were necessary for their care; the stingrays and grouper are target trained to make make it easier to examine them, and the nurse sharks are trained to rest on a 3ft deep platform within their habitat for similar reasons. 



"Even though it was clear that the Florida Aquarium training staff have far more opportunities to spend time training their animals, it was really nice to see what is possible with our smaller facility," said Choy. "It was great to watch and learn new and innovative training techniques and ideas that I could take back to BAMZ."


For the rest of the week there were 20-minute Tedtalk-style presentations throughout the day, with 8-10 presentations happening per day. There was also the option to choose which presentations were the most relevant to attend. For example, there were presentations on water chemistry, which were relevant to staff of the many inland facilities in the United States as they have to create their own sea water for their habitats. As we take water directly from Harrington Sound to fill our aquarium habitats, these lectures were not necessary for Choy to attend.





One of the most convenient parts of the conference was that all of the talks were provided as videos to attendees after the conference was complete. Since returning to BAMZ, Choy has been able to share these videos and what he learned with his fellow Aquarists, and also some of the zoo husbandry staff.