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BZS People to Know

Development Officer
Lynda Johnson
Marketing & Communications Officer
Michelle Smith
Membership Officer
Gillian Freelove-Jones
Membership $ Database Manager
Peggy Frith
Education Officer
Dr. Jamie Bacon
Senior School
Camilla Stringer
Youth Programme Coordinator
Dr. Alex Amat
Pre-school & Primary Educator
Sarrah Hamza
Volunteer Coordinator
Joanne Chisnall
Concessions Manager
Lauren Simons
Accounts Administrator
Virginia Musson
Captain, RV Endurance
Nigel Pollard,
Trunk Island & Callista
Trevor Lawson

BAMZ People to Know

Principal Curator
Dr. Ian Walker
Curator, Aquarium & Zoo
Patrick Talbot
Curator, Natural History Museum
Dr. Robbie Smith
Head Aquarist
Lisa Ray
Head Zookeeper
Tricha Cross
Barbara Outerbridge
Alison Green
Plant Manager
Roger Hollis