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Steinhoff/BZS Scholarship for Environmental Sciences

To provide a scholarship for applicants in the final two years of study for a Bachelor, Master Degree or Doctorate in the Environmental Sciences with an accredited institution. The scholarship will be awarded primarily on candidate interest and commitment in protecting the environment together with financial need and secondarily on academic achievement.

Annual Amount
Up to $10,000 p.a. in 2 equal amounts of up to $5,000 payable in August/September and December/January in each academic year for up to 2 years until completion of degree. The scholarship will normally be awarded for one year with successful applicants reapplying for the following year if they have not completed their programme of study.

Criteria for Selection of Candidates & Application Procedure

  1. Eligible Students must have successfully completed the first year of a three year honors bachelor degree or the second year of a four year undergraduate first degree with a major in a related field at an accredited overseas university. Students entering or studying in a master’s or doctoral degree programme will also be considered, including part time candidates.
  2. Students must be in good academic standing and submit current academic transcripts for consideration. Where grades are not available by the deadline for applications e.g. UK, applicants are required to submit letters from tutors attesting to the applicant’s academic standing.
  3. Students must be Bermudian or have applied for and be eligible for Bermuda Status. (A letter must be produced from Bermuda Immigration Department to this effect).
  4. Students must also submit a letter of application with accompanying references (at least 2) outlining their field of study, accomplishments to date in and outside the environment field and career. They should submit a statement outlining their annual academic expenses and sources of income including awards, academic fees, airfares and living expenses at College.
  5. In addition, students must submit an essay of not less than 500 words outlining their reasons why they have chosen to study Environmental Science and Conservation. Applicants should also clearly state their career goals.
  6. Students must submit a medical certificate.
  7. Applications must be received in full by 30th April of each year.
  8. Applicants will be interviewed by a Scholarship Committee in June of each year.
  9. Successful Applicants may hold scholarships or grants from other institutions provided that the total amount awarded does not exceed the annual cost of overseas study.
  10. Consideration will be given to related work and volunteer experience to date including volunteer service at BAMZ e.g. junior volunteer.
  11. In addition to candidate interest and commitment to protecting the environment and financial need, the Scholarship Committee will consider academic achievement.
  12. The Scholarship Committee will review continued payment of the scholarship for the second half of the year following submission of transcripts (or letter from tutors confirming that holder is in good academic standing). Where awarded for more than one year scholarship holders will be interviewed if available.
  13. Scholarship holders will be encouraged to accept practical internship opportunities during vacation periods at Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ) or other conservation institutions either in Bermuda or overseas in order to gain appropriate practical experience.
  14. Scholarship Holders will be encouraged to return to Bermuda following completion of studies and related work experience overseas.
  15. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right not to make awards if in its opinion there are no suitable candidates.

The Scholarship will be advertised in Bermuda in on line Scholarship Directories (e.g., the newspapers January through May and through Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS) publications. Online applications can only be made at; hard copies can be faxed to 441-293-4014 or delivered to the BAMZ reception. Please mark for the attention of the Scholarship Secretary, BZS. Applicants are responsible for ensuring application completeness. Successful applicants who accept scholarships will be publicized.

The Scholarship Committee will consist of 5 persons appointed by the Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS) and chaired by a member of the Executive of BZS. Initially the Committee will consist of:

The BZS Vice President – Neil Patterson - Chairman
Robert Steinhoff (Past President BZS and Donor)
The Principal Curator BAMZ Dr. Ian Walker
Ralph Richardson (Past Vice President BZS)
Ron Lucas (Past Executive Member)

Click here for an application which may be completed interactively and submitted via email or click here for a manual application form. Submission instructions may be found on the form.