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Opportunities for Educators

Teacher Workshops

BZS Education Department staff conduct workshops just for teachers. Groups may be staff from a primary school, a new group of inductee teachers, or any interested educators. For example, we have offered workshops for attendees of professional development conferences run by the Department of Education and the Bermuda Union of Teachers. 

For more information on these workshops, please contact our Education Department (see bottom of page).

Bermuda Natural History Course

The Bermuda Natural History Course is a non-specialist course taught by a series of guest lecturers who provide local expertise on subjects ranging from local flora and fauna to habitats to the impact of humans and disasters like hurricanes on island topography. The course consists of five weeks of evening lectures and five weekend field trips. Topics covered include: Oceanic Island Biology, Geology of Bermuda, Terrestrial Flora & Fauna of Bermuda, Bermuda’s Reptiles, Man’s Impact on Bermuda, Coral Reefs, Bermuda’s Fish and Bermuda’s Birds.

Teacher participation is encouraged through promotion of the course to school principals and early-registration offers for teachers.  On completion of the course a certificate is available.  Teachers of biology, geology & social sciences can qualify for 12 professional development hours.

There is a fee for the Bermuda Natural History Course. Application forms are available at the BAMZ front desk.

The Bermuda Natural History Course is held twice yearly in the spring and fall.

Click for a Registration Form, Lecture Schedule, or Field Trip Schedule.

Resources for Teachers

  • Resource Boxes focus on nature topics. They contain fiction and non-fiction children’s books, videos, puzzles, toys, teaching suggestions, student activities and specimens. Loaned to teachers free of charge, resource boxes contain materials for 20 different  Bermuda natural history topics.          
  • Book Bags contain fiction and non-fiction books relating to particular topics. Book Bags are put together using books from our BZS Education Department's Junior Library on request by teachers. They are loaned free of charge to teachers.
  • Guide to the Nonsuch Island “Living Museum” Nature Reserve is a booklet with background information and identification guides on flora and fauna. Copies are available for sale through the BZS Education Department.
  • Marine and Oceanic Island Biology of Bermuda is a course textbook. Copies are available for sale by special request.

BZS Publications

Teaching Bermuda’s natural history in schools is supported with a series of publications from the Bermuda Zoological Society.

Project Nature Field Guides contain flora and fauna identification guides, information and activities for school groups. A complimentary set has been distributed to all primary and secondary schools in Bermuda. Copies are available for sale at Bermuda bookshops and the BZS Gift Shop.

  1. A Teaching Guide to the Biology and Geology of Bermuda
    Download PDF
  2. Bermuda's Wetlands
    Download PDF
  3. Coral Reefs of Bermuda
    Download PDF
  4. Oceanic Island Ecology of Bermuda
    Download PDF
  5. Rocky Coasts
    Download PDF
  6. Sandy Coasts
    Download PDF
  7. Sheltered Bays and Seagrass Beds of Bermuda
    Download PDF
  8. The Bermuda Forests
    Download PDF
  9. The Ecology of Harrington Sound, Bermuda
    Download PDF
  10. The Open Ocean around Bermuda
    Download PDF

Purchase Printed Books

Class Trips Around Bermuda

BZS offers guided field trips to nature reserves and various snorkel sites around Bermuda. These trips are designed to complement the Ministry of Education’s primary, middle and secondary science curricula and offer opportunities for students to conduct investigations and see real examples of what they are learning in class.

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For more information about any of our educational opportunities and resources, please contact our Education Department.

Education Officer
Phone: (441) 293-2727, ext. 2142