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Aqua Camp Assistant Application

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  1. Week 1 - 3rd July - 7th July
    Week 2 - 10th July - 14th July
    Week 3 - 17th July - 21st July
    Week 4 - 24th July - 28th July
    Week 5 - 7th August - 11th August
    Week 6 - 14th August - 18th August
    Week 7 - 21st August - 25th August
    Week 8 - 28th August - 1st September

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  8. Tots (going into P1)
    Zoo (completed P5 or P6)
    Kids (completed P1 or P2)
    Explorers (completed M1 or M2)
    Fun (completed P3 or P4)

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More Details

Complete an online application for summer Aqua Camp assistant teachers.
Aqua Camps are held over a 8-week period each summer during July and August. The camps are for children from pre-school to Primary 6 (ages 4 through 11). There are also three weeks for middle school students.
Aqua camps are week-long, full-day learning camps that give children the opportunity to have positive experiences learning about nature. They offer hands-on education, field trips, arts and crafts, and Zoo/Aquarium visits. Camps use a two-year curriculum, taking children through a series of life science and Bermuda natural history topics. Each week includes visits to beaches or national parks, where children can explore, swim and snorkel under supervision.
If you do not wish to apply online, you may download an application form. Mail, fax, or bring the completed application to:
Education Officer
Bermuda Zoological Society
P.O. Box FL 145
Flatts FL BX
Telephone: (441) 293-2727 ext. 2142
Fax: (441) 293-4800


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  1. Aqua Camp Assistant Application