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Getting to BAMZ

From Dockyard

Take the Number 7 or Number 8 bus towards Hamilton.


From Hamilton or St. George's

Take either the Number 10 or Number 11 bus. The bus stops directly in front of our facility. For bus schedules and fares, call (441) 292-3851. If you prefer the scenic route, take the ferry from Somerset/Royal Naval Dockyard to Hamilton and take a Number 10 or Number 11 bus to Flatts Village.


Group Tours

Several tour operators include BAMZ on their schedules. Check with your hotel’s front desk, cruise ship activities co-ordinator or a local Visitor Information Centre to discover how you can see BAMZ as part of a bus or boat tour. 



Every Bermuda taxi driver knows the way to our doorstep! Ask the driver to take you to “The Aquarium.” (That’s how most Bermudians refer to BAMZ.)


Bus & ferry schedules and Island maps.


Getting to BAMZ by Moped

From St. George's
Go west over the Causeway and take North Shore Road to Flatts.
From Hamilton
Follow Middle Road to Flatts Village.


Average Travel Times

By moped or taxi:
Allow about 15 minutes to get here from Hamilton or St. George's.

By Bus:
Allow 20 minutes.

By ferry/bus from Somerset/Royal Naval Dockyard:
Allow about an hour.


Parking Information

Parking for cars and cycles is in the waterside lot opposite BAMZ. Please use caution when crossing North Shore Road. Special events are sign-posted for spillover parking.

Map of Bermuda

Bermuda is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 700 miles east of the United States coast. Many people mistakenly believe the Island is part of the Caribbean. In fact, Bermuda is hundreds of miles north of the Bahamas. It supports the northernmost coral reef system in the world and has a rich diversity of subtropical habitats.

BAMZ is located at 40 North Shore Road in Flatts Village, which is near the geographic centre of the Island.

BAMZ Visitor Policies

For the sake of all BAMZ visitors, and for the health and safety of our animals, please observe the following policies:

  • Quiet voices should be used in buildings and near animals.
  • Feeding or teasing of animals is strictly forbidden.
  • Please do not touch the glass or acrylic panels in the Aquarium.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • The Bermuda Zoological Society and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo actively campaign against the use of balloons of any kind because they are a hazard to marine life. NO balloons are allowed on the premises. Drinking straws are also prohibited.
  • Group Tours require one adult for every ten children.
  • Water-based activities require one adult for every five children. If children are under 10 years, the ratio needs to be one adult for every three children.
  • No pets except guide dogs.